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Spécification multidimensionnelle pour le traitement du signal systématique


I have done my PhD at the University of Lille 1 in the WEST team of the LIFL under the direction of Pierre Boulet. The WEST team is also a member of the INRIA Futurs Research Unit as the Dart Project.
My thesis deals with modelling, optimising and simulating of systematic signal processing applications and in particular I have study the applications which manipulate multidimensional data. All this work is related to Array-OL which is a description language dedicated to signal processing applications and whose main characteristics to handle data as multidimensional arrays.


Many signal processing applications have to manipulate multidimensional data ; however there are only few models of specifications which are able to handle such data. Thus, we study this problem, but we are limiting our approach to systematic signal processing which is characterised by the application of very regular treatments, independent from the data values.
We analyse the modelling of such applications. Firstly, we compare different models based on the synchronous dataflow paradigm and then we introduce ARRAY-OL. ARRAY-OL is a model of description which is able to express data dependences. However, ARRAY-OL does not explain how to execute the applications and does not provide any methodology for optimisations. Therefore, in the case of using ARRAY-OL, it is necessary to suggest some optimisations and to analyse its projections on a computation model.
Hence, we analyse the possibilities offered by the loops transformations and we depict the ODT formalism. We show that the ODT are perfectly suitable for expressing the data dependences. Using it, we recommend several transformations constituting a toolbox which is able to realise simple modifications or more complex optimisations on ARRAY-OL applications. Lastly, we examine the projection of ARRAY-OL on different models of computations.


Dataflow, code transformation , compilation, signal processing, multidimensional specification, loop fusion.

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