Philippe Dumont's website

My hobbies

It is a custom to write about your hobbies on a personal website. I will respect this tradition. My two main hobbies are pastry and photography: a manual and an artistic activity, both allowing me to be creative.


I have always liked to cook, to be more precise to bake. My grand mother teached me how to make a "gâteau au yaourt" (Yogurt Cake) before I was able to read and write. For a long time, many recipes have been available directly on this website. But they have become too numerous to stay here and that's why I have decided to move them on a dedicated website. You will find this website at the following address:


Compared to pastry, I only recently came to photography. I am mainly inspired by landscape photography. Most of my pictures are created while travelling. You can see some of my shots on 500px at the following address