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Teachings 2003-2004

Bachelor (3rd year):

  • Tutorial and practical - initiation to Unix and C programming: lecture website
    Lecturer: Philippe Marquet.
    This lecture introduces the basic functionnality of the Unix operation system. It mainly describes the Unix commands and gives an overview of shell programming. The second part of the teaching focused on C programming and gives the opportunity for the students to use the C language to program Unix systems.

Master (1st year):

  • Supervision of 2 technicals projects:
    • Website development for the human ressources of the CNRS research institut (Supervision with Yann Babut - CNRS)
    • Molecules modeling and visualisation (Supervision with Frédéric Affouard and Patrice Bordat LDSMM)

Master (2nd year):

  • Pratical: System administration
    Lecturers: Pierre Boulet and Jean-Luc Levaire.
    This set of labs is allowing the students to install, configure and use a Linux server. Each group is getting its own machine and has to install a linux distribution on it. Half of the students configure their machine to act as a server with a support of DNS, FTP, NFS, Samba... The other half configure their machine to act as a client. The role are switched later on such that every one has to handle correctly a client and a server.

  • Supervision of a project on modeling applications in Ptolemy II
    Its complete description is available (fr) here.

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