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Curriculum Vitae

Philippe Dumont
Nationality: French
Marital status: Married
Driving licence

Expert in parallel programming


May2013Personal sabbatical
  Creation and development of a website dedicated to pastry, study of German
Apr2012Guest researcher at the University of Kaiserslautern, Germany
Dec2010Consultant on parallel programming in the Microelectronic Systems Design Research Group
  Initiator and supervisor of collaborations with the local Fraunhofer institute
  MPSoc, virtual platform, high-level synthesis, OpenMP
Sep2010Teaching assistant at école Polytechnique, Paris area, France
Sep2009Creation and supervision of exercises done by students
  Operating systems: introduction and advanced concepts for Linux and Android
Sep2010PostDoc at NXP Semiconductors, Eindhoven, the Netherlands and INRIA, Paris, France
Sep2006Research and development on domain-specific languages for streaming applications
  Synchronous languages, dataflow model, runtime system
Sep2006Research engineer at the University of Lille 1, France
Mar2006System administration in high availability environment
  Shell programmation, Oracle database
Aug2005Ater (teaching and research assistant) at the University of Lille 1, France
Sep2003Proposition and supervision of 15 projects in Master
  Supervision of exercises done by students
  Linux administration, C and shell programming, operating systems, networking

Academic background

Dec2005PhD in Computer Science, University of Lille 1 (lifl-inria), France
  Title: Multidimensional specification for systematic signal processing
  Model, optimize and simulate ArrayOL, a model of computation for radar and sonar applications
  dataflow, code transformation, multidimensional dependencies, loop fusions
Jun2001Master in Computer Science, University of Bordeaux 1 (labri), France
Jun1999Bachelor in Computer Science, University of Limoges, France
Jun1996French Baccalauréat (Equivalent A levels - Major in science)


Topic: High level parallelization thanks to model of computations (MOCC)
Goal: Deterministic behavior, portability of performance, optimization
Main theoretical aspect: Dataflow model (SDF,KPN), Synchronous model
Main technologies: low level: futexes, pthreads, high level: OpenMP, architectures: x86, ARM, Cell


PostDoc of 4 years at NXP (Philips Semiconductors) and INRIA

Collaboration with Prof. Albert Cohen (INRIA) and Dr. Marc Duranton (NXP)
ObjectiveEase the programmation, compilation and optimization of stream-based multimedia applications (JPEG, H264)
OverviewCreation of a deterministic and concurrent programming model (implemented in GCC)
 Development of a runtime library (C+Pthread) to provide portability of performance

PhD Thesis

Multidimensional specification for systematic signal processing.

Thesis performed at the LIFL in the INRIA DaRT team under the supervision of Prof. Pierre Boulet.
Defended on the 15th of December 2005 with high honours.
ObjectiveSpecify, optimize and simulate Array-OL, a model of computation for radar and sonar applications developped and used by Thales
 Modeling: Use of Java and Jogl to specify and visualize data dependencies in 3D
OverviewOptimization: Development of a transformation and optimization engine in Java
 Simulation: Development of a Ptolemy II plugin in Java

Publications list available on my website.

Technical Skills

Procedural LanguagesPascal, Ada, C
 C: used daily and teached to Bachelor’s students for 2 years.
Object Oriented LanguagesObjective C, C++, Java
 Java: several developments during my thesis.
Parallel programmingPthread, MPI, OpenMP
 Pthread: used daily and teached many times.
Other languages and APIShell, Ruby, UML
 Shell: used daily and teached to Bachelor’s students.
Web Developments(X)HTML, PHP, SQL, Javascript/ECMAScript, CSS, DOM
 Creation of a website dedicated to pastry
OSUnix/BSD, Linux, Android, Microsoft Windows
 Linux: teaching of system administration and operating system to Master’s students.
ToolsLATEX, emacs, Eclipse

Miscellaneous Informations


FrenchMother tongue
EnglishFull professional proficiency (Used daily in professional environment for more than 5 years)
GermanElementary proficiency (Living in Germany for 2.5 years)


BakingLike to cook: cakes, pies, creams and other sweet things
 Many recipes are available on my website
PhotographyInterested in photography as a way for self expression
 Public gallery available on 500px

This document was translated from LATEX by HEVEA.